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In 2020, my wife Ivy decided that she wanted a small tattoo of a cross with the words "run your race" as a simple reminder of where Jesus had brought her from and to stay focused on where He was leading her. We stepped into a highly recommend shop in Huntsville, AL and I saw this sign on the man's wall. I knew I was in the right place, not because the man was Anti-God or Jesus but because his experience was with Religion not with Jesus himself. Game On!  That was a catalyst moment for me. Something needed to change around here and I could sense Jesus asking me "What are you doing about it?"


Re/Man started with a desire to see men, just like the man at the tattoo shop, who have had some BAD experiences with "Church Folk" and have been inoculated against the Gospel, come face to face with the real story of Jesus and experience the man as he really is.

I lived 2.5 decades of my faith walk frustrated, feeling like a complete failure, learning Christ WRONG, blaming GOD every time something didn't go the way I expected or was taught it should go and eventually rebelling completely. 
For me, Ignorance would have been better.

The result for me was a 4-Alarm Dumpster fire of a life.
3 Marriages, burnt to the ground, my kids suffering the pain and complications of my Sin and ignorant behavior. In and out of church trying to get my  @#$& together but still not finding the answers.

That was until, I met a couple of men who later became my pastors for 12 years. Men who challenged everything I believed to be true and help me walk through a complete DECONSTRUCTION of my faith, which led to a RE.


True Faith REbuilt, Masculinity REclaimed, Passion and Purpose REignited and my  RElationship with Jesus REconciled


If you here on this page, there is a good chance you know what I am talking about and YOU ARE TIRED OF LIVING A VEGGIE TALES VERSION OF FAITH!

What I'm inviting you into, isn't for the faint of heart. 

There will be some deconstruction take place. You will be challenged to abandon some false ideas about God and Jesus. 
You may even find yourself in the position of needing to forgive God for things you have long blamed Him for.

I can make this promise, once you've been through this experience for a while you will never read your Bible the same way ever again. 
Only Jesus by His Holy Spirit can RE your faith and your life, but this process helps position you so that can take place.


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