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5 Things About Joe...................there is a lot more to the story but more than 5 things is just BORING!

1.  I had my first encounter with Jesus at age 16.

I attended a revival at a local Baptist Church because a girl I liked invited me. When I got there, she was nowhere to be found, but Jesus was there. Even though I had that experience at 16, it wasn't until I was in my late 30's that I actual had someone truly disciple me. Most of my many moral failures happened while I was trying to follow Jesus from a religious aspect and often when that failed me, I would get discouraged and become easy prey for my enemies.


2.I'm just an average guy, who is convinced that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God and that a relationship with him is WAY BETTER than religion.

I work a regular day job, have a beautiful wife that I adore, 5 amazing kids, 2 grands a couple of dogs and a white house on a hill.

3.I'm a three time LOSER and ONE BIG Winner in the marriage game!

During those years I was trying and failing to follow a Jesus I didn't really know, I managed to sink three marriages.


It's all on me. I was present at all three crime scenes. My internal world was an awful mess which in turn made every relationship I touched turn into the same crap that was in my own heart.


That is until Jesus brought another broken, 3 time loser into my life and she and I started seeking Jesus together. BOOM! 

We know a lot about how marriages are destroyed and We know a lot about how marriages can be healed, not because we went to school to be counselors, but because we have lived it in vivid, gory detail. 


4.I'm working musician. I play multiple instruments, have been on stages since I was 8 years old, have been in the same band for the past 18 years, play on stage with Grammy award winning artists from time to time and still play in places OTHER than Church. Yes, I play in churches too.

5.I love Traditional Archery.

I am a 2-time I.B.O. Traditional World Champion shooting Recurve and Longbow and I am an advocate for Bowhunting and Archery as a sport for the whole family.

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